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Trauma Informed Practice

Lots of clients present to me with various mental health diagnosis such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD,
among others.

These diagnosis are very valid and I know it can be helpful to put a name to something that we are experiencing.

A diagnosis can also mean that we can finally get access to the right help. Mental health is undoubtedly something that most of us will struggle with at some point in our lives.

I work from a trauma informed perspective. This means that if you have experienced some kind of trauma, your responses are in fact likely to be normal, purposeful and rational reactions to that trauma. Instead of seeing you as mentally ill, I see your trauma responses and coping mechanisms as healthy and expected. Instead of using the medical model where trauma responses are diagnosed as mental illness, trauma informed work uses the social model of mental health, looking at ‘what happened to you’ rather than ‘what is wrong with you’.

Trauma can mean many things. It can be a single event or repeated events. What is a trauma to one person may not be to someone else. We can experience it directly as well as indirectly (by witnessing someone else’s trauma). It is as much about what happened to you, as it is about how you as an individual experienced it. If the experience was overwhelming for your mind and body, then for you, it might have been a trauma.

I’m not here to challenge any mental health diagnosis that you have. But I will work with you, based on the belief that what you are experiencing is in fact a normal and rational way to react after experiencing trauma. Your reaction would have served a purpose at some point. I will help you to understand what this was, and how you can move forwards from it if it is no longer helpful.