Hypnotherapy Fees

This will depend on how many hypnotherapy sessions you need, however as a guide you will need:
1. A brief phone call / email contact to discuss your needs – Free
2. A full consultation – about an hour – £50
3. Hypnotherapy sessions– 45 mins each – £50 per session.
I will work with you to determine how many sessions you need. Usually 4 is the maximum needed for a
simple issue. If you like, I can record sessions for you to practice yourself at home, this may reduce the number of sessions needed. Everyone is individual and so are your needs, and I will tailor your sessions so that you get the maximum benefit.

For smoking cessation, it is a one off, 2 hour session, for £120.
Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or cash.

Hypnobirthing Fees

All clients will require an initial consultation for 1 hour at £50.
£50 per one hour session thereafter.

Package Deals:
Package 1 – £180 which includes the initial consultation and 3 sessions.
Package 2 – £275 which includes the basic package, plus another 2 sessions of hypnotherapy delivery and a recording for you to practice at home.
I am also happy to work with you to create a personalised package for your needs.

Life Coaching Fees

Each one hour session is £40.00.